Nothing About Us Without Us

Diversity and Inclusion. Integration. Awareness vs. Acceptance. Tolerance. These buzz words often integrate into political conversation in all Civil Rights movements. They, indeed, pepper such a movement with in the Autism Community. Neurodiversity is a collective movement in which atypical neurological conditions are recognized and respected, not as a disease in need of a cure, … Continue reading Nothing About Us Without Us

Geopolitics and Adoption

It was only after soldiers and humanitarians returned home from war torn Europe and Asia, sharing stories of the war orphans overseas that Americans had any vested interest in international adoption. Post- World War II, as the American Government was implementing The Marshall Plan to provide aid in war destroyed countries in hopes of blocking … Continue reading Geopolitics and Adoption

My Daughters and Guns

In recent, separate conversations with my Gen Z daughters, I asked them this question: If you were to have but one political platform you feel very passionate about, what platform would you choose? Both answered: Gun Control. My children have been brought up in a world where school shootings have peppered the news. Added to … Continue reading My Daughters and Guns