Fifty Shades of Gray

#whattoexpectwhenyoureexpectingperimenopause Somewhere in the midst of your 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s, depending on your genetic code, you will notice it. You likely will be in the car and catch a glimpse of that one hair sticking straight up as you are checking the rear- view mirror. It is the scout for all the others. … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Gray

Flat Chested Cheeto

Mammograms save lives. The year I was turning forty, my younger sister was diagnosed with an aggressive growing Breast Cancer. ┬áHer cancer was diagnosed after she had to fight her doctors for a mammogram, they felt she did not need. I will say it again, mammograms save lives. But they also lend themselves to all … Continue reading Flat Chested Cheeto

Eye of Sauron

Living in Kentucky, there is a better portion of the year where you feel as if you are living inside a fallen rain cloud with 110% humidity levels, (overachievers everywhere but Football, us Kentuckians). In the midst of the humidity, I have noticed the new phenomenon of eyelid sweat. I have heard for years phrases … Continue reading Eye of Sauron