The Tree in the Midst of The Garden

On the top of a hill, in a Garden God built, was a tree that bore the fruit of good and evil. Woman and man ate fruit from the tree that sat upon that hill. Sin entered the garden and therefore the world, and the man and the woman knew shame and were bare. God, who walked in the garden with man called out “Where are you Adam? Where?” But they hid in their shame, as He called out their names because of a tree in the midst of the garden. He covered their skin and the shame of their sin with the leaves of a fig tree.

On the side of the mount on the outskirts of town there was a tree with no fruit only fig leaves. And as Jesus passed by, he was hungry, but sighed. For there were no figs on the fig tree. He cursed the barren tree, “No longer will you be, a place where men and women get fruit.” Night and morning passed by, and that tree it died, and the men they marveled at the dying. “Have faith,” says He, who cursed that tree, “your sins will be forgiven.”

In the midst of a hill, on the outskirts of town was a tree that held our Savior. He hung in the air, His body stripped bare, and Cried “Abba Father, Father.” The fruit of the vine, the best type of wine, and body, the bread, for our feasting, was nailed to the tree, making men free of the sin that began in the Garden. As he cried out,”it is done,” this Glorious Son, brought the story full circle. For the Son of Man took the sin that began with fruit from the tree in the garden. And He took all our shame and gave us a new name while on a tree in the midst of this garden.

Mark 11:12,20

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