Mandy Thursday

Mols has become an expert at making communion bread. With a hint of rosemary, she has mastered combining the flour, olive oil and water into tiny cakes, toasted on the outside and warm and soft in the middle. To acknowledge Maundy Thursday, she joined me in the kitchen to make us bread as I prepared our roast for dinner. We poured grape juice into wine goblets and Jonesy read of the grain offering and sin offering from Leviticus. Then the children read the account of the last supper from John. We sat around our table remembering that table. We mused at John whispering in Jesus’s ear, “Who is it?” curious about the betrayal he couldn’t understand. We recognized the importance of Jesus not eating the supper, the memorial portion, as is spoken of in Leviticus, but then giving his disciples that portion to partake in.

I wonder at that table and the new commands of partaking “In Remembeance of Me” and “Love each other as I have loved you.” The juxtaposition of a king who washes feet. A man, who is God, who sits at the table with the one who will betray him. The mind that knows of the impending events, but sits as those, who are unaware, eat.

What a Savior!

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