Turning Tables

As a little girl, I always was fascinated by the story of Jesus turning over the tables in the temple. I am not sure if it is because the action of the scene was compelling or if I found comfort in the fact that Jesus would give action to his frustration. As a little girl I gave action to my frustration often. I liked the idea that Jesus could lose His temper. It made being like Him an easier thing to grasp.-

As an adult, living in a world where the temple is destroyed and with a new understanding that my body is now a temple, when I come to this story, I wonder what tables Jesus would turn over in me. What are the parts of me that I am allowing to be a den of robbers? Where in my heart do I give religious approval to injustice, dishonesty, greed and an unloving spirit. Jesus did not have to search long to find this in the temple of Jerusalem. I imagine He would not take long to find these vices in me.

The religious leaders of the time, were angry with Jesus. They saw his attempt to clean and refine God’s dwelling place as an affront to their authority. They were likely more than a little upset at the cost of the cleansing. So they sought to destroy Him. Unfortunately, He was above reproach and the people, well they “hung on His every word.”

Continuing in the idea of the temple, I must confess there are times I am more than a little angry when Jesus and His words are refining me. The tables of my heart He is overturning are the things, although opposed to His goodness, I enjoy. I know there are times I think it would be easier and more beneficial for me to destroy Him in my life.

Then I remember how easy His yoke is. When I align myself to him, He carries far more weight than me. My burden is light, because of Him. I am at peace when I am a Sanctuary of His Spirit. For with the Comforter, I not only am able to withstand the cleansing, I am made to rest, wrapped in the warm towels held close like a little child.

So I pray, Come Lord and turn over the tables of sin in my heart. Cast out the things that steal your Glory. May my heart be Holy, like the temple, the residence of Your presence. May my life be a beacon of Justice and Goodness for your Glory. Amen

Mark 11:15-19

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