Like many of you, the amount of at-home time my family is experiencing is as novel as this virus. With the exception of going to give blood, I have been home since last Tuesday. I have enjoyed many aspects of this new found time at home, however there have been a few quirks along the way that have made the nightly walk Jonesy and I have discovered a necessity to get some fresh air.

Like many of you, I am cooking non-stop and the kitchen has yet to be fully clean. There are moments of clarity in this new era of Corona isolation that I have in our pre-virus reality. We are out way too much. The amount of cooking I am doing is evidence to that fact. Most weeks we were at extra-curricular or community events Sunday-Thursday. With jobs and school, this meant we were grabbing food often. Too often. I have enjoyed, for the most part, this reintroduction to my kitchen. It has helped me to realize, with gratitude, the ability to feed my large family in times of crisis. It has also helped me to realize, I have many kitchen supplies I will never use. This weekend I plan to cull through my-cabinets. I think a box for my about-to-go-to- apartment kiddos will be nice and then—who knows, a post corona giveaway when such a thing is allowed.

Like many of you, I am learning some idiosyncrasies of my family, I either never knew or had forgotten along the way. Like how one child will wear one outfit for days and days, while another will change outfits on the hour. Or how, when one child is feeling stress they will talk non-stop, while another in the same stress needs complete silence. Meeting each child where they are and trying to minimize need for concerns has become the priority of my thoughts. While they are handling this like champs, even the Seniors of our camp who are missing normal Senior activities, I know they have questions and frustrations which need a space to air out. I think allowing time for all the feelings to be expressed is important, as is the gentle reminders to move on from any negative emotions in a timely manner.

Like many of you, I wonder how long this will go on. I wonder if anyone I love will get sick. I question what the long term will look like. And yet, I find myself at peace. Today, we have a plan to accomplish. Today, we are all healthy and thriving. Today, we have what we need. We have today.

I hope, like many of you, I am learning the beauty of one day at a time. To laugh at the weird, be graceful in the midst of the aggravating. In the joy of sunshine through dirty windows and the blessing of paper plates. Long walks with my husband in order to secure alone time and sweet good morning kisses from bed-headed adultish children who are living under my roof once again. Today, like many of you, I am realizing the power of Christ saying, “Give us our Daily bread” and the ability to lay my concerns at the feet of the cross.

Today, like many of you, I find joy in unexpected places. There is comfort in being alone in this together. May we realize what a beautiful gift we find in today.

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