A New Normal

It is a new day in the first full week of our new normal. We allowed last week to be Spring Break with loose bed times and sleeping in. But as the reality sinks in that this is going to be where we are for the foreseeable future, Jonesy and I have decided to create a schedule and routine to keep us productive and healthy. It helps that the sun is shining. It helps that we start the week in Worship and communion.

My college kids will be back to classes this next week and I think the occupation of their time with productivity will be good for their mental state. Noah has four weeks of classes and his finals and then he will be finished with his undergrad. Macy has five weeks and finals to wrap up her freshman year of college. She has candidacy into the RIM program, so next year she will reclassify as a Junior and will be within her program. Mols finishes high school on May 11.

I signed furlough papers for my job and so I am back to being only a stay-at-home, home-schooling Mom. We paid the last installment of Lipscomb’s housing bill this month, so the timing has worked out perfectly.

All in all, we will not see any immediate negative impact with the social distancing. Jonesy is working from home. Our biggest challenge will come from the horrible internet we have in Alvaton. The challenge of everyone home trying to work and do school will be tricky, but these are problems we are ok to deal with. It does not escape our attention that others will not weather this storm with as little impact. We recognize our part in contributing to the needs of others.

I have moments when I find myself teary for no reason. To date we have no friends or acquaintances sick from the virus, but J know that is not likely going to be the case. I see my sweet neighbor across the street, living alone and knowing she will not get visitors for the for awhile. She is unwilling to answer her door so we can offer her time through the storm door. Fear is a stronghold that is isolating. And I can’t help but wonder how my SMILE2 kiddos are doing. I am afraid they are being left alone and I miss them tremendously. We are working to get messages to them. I am so grateful for the amazing team of educators and administrators who have worked out the logistics for our kids to be fed breakfast and lunch. Many of our volunteers are Seniors in high school. I know this is not how they pictured the last quarter of their final year. My heart cries with them in their disappointment.

My Dad wrote, upon hearing of the cancellation of graduation for my kids:

“Each graduate will always be able to say that they graduated during the pandemic, faced their first world wide crisis in style and took their first steps in a new age of fear and confusion with their heads up and big things ahead of them. God is blessing them by helping them know what the big things are. God bless us all. “

I think he is right. I think each day we wake up anew realizing the importance of God’s provision, family, a connected community and health. The class of 2020 will have a specialized degree in self-sacrifice, community altruism, and making the best of unideal situations. Maybe this new normal is close to what always should have been. Family working together. Neighbors looking out for each other. The majority helping the least of these. While my extroverted tendencies are really missing all my people, I find much about this new normal to be thankful for.

Stay well,dear friends. Drop me a line to tell me what you are finding to be true in these strange days.

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