Eye of Sauron

Living in Kentucky, there is a better portion of the year where you feel as if you are living inside a fallen rain cloud with 110% humidity levels, (overachievers everywhere but Football, us Kentuckians). In the midst of the humidity, I have noticed the new phenomenon of eyelid sweat.

I have heard for years phrases like “by the sweat of my brow.” However, up until my forties, I mistakenly thought my eyebrows were not only the expression makers of my face, but were part of the defense of keeping the burn of sweat salt from entering my eyes. Live long, learn much. In my forties, my brows have become the faucet of Dead Sea salt water that has perfect access to my eye sockets. I unfortunately probably helped this along with my over plucking stage in my twenties.

The sweat of my brow, which first glistens then pours, has little to do with physical exertions, but can generate with no warning. However, I do believe that humidity–or as I like to call it, the breath of Satan, plays a large part. This combined with the addition of this new eyelid sweat, means my eyes at a moment’s notice can feel like it must feel to have the Eye of Sauron. The burning, y’all, is ridiculous.

Now to be as informative as possible, a quick google search will help you to realize that this simple burning inconvenience could be simply a tap on the shoulder you are getting older, you could have Hydrosis, Thyroidism, Cancer, or you may have already been cast into Hades. To be safe, you probably should check with a real-life physician, as Dr. Web M.D. tends to be a Negative Nelly.

As we look forward to the week and a half of Spring we will enjoy before the humidity invades the South, I just thought you should know. Because like that great teacher, NBC, the more you know…..


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