The Journey

While walking on a piece of ground

I leaned upon a tree

to take my breath and rest awhile

when up ahead I see

a fellow traveler.


This comrade of the road was worn

and stopped to rest awhile.

“Going my way? Shall we walk along?”

I agreed with a smile

so we walked together.


Marching forward we strode along

Enjoying such companion

But when the path turned left for him

I did not feel abandoned

for I had my own direction.


For awhile more, I walked alone

focused on my destination

wondering why my friend

failed to show the slightest hesitation

to change his travel plan.


As I pondered, a new journeyman

happened along my way.

In conversation and debate

we passed another day

in full disagreement.


“Why won’t you go the way I go?”

The traveler much implored,

“for I am focused on this way, 

my ideas should be explored.”

But a different spirit called me.


And straight away I took my path

I bid Farewell, God Speed.

Not for disagreement nor for ill

but instead a different need, 

to finish what I started.


Ahead I saw the pathway’s end, 

and with the final paces

I reminisced the journey here

recalling both their faces

and how we soon were parted.


Why would I say you should have stayed,

and walked my path with me?

Instead  I see as the plan unfolds

it was never meant to be

a journey of two men.



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