Dana Carrozza: An Everyday Extraordinary Woman

“This baby will not survive, and you aren’t going to live through this one either,” the doctor informed Carrie Marrs. It was 1952 and she was pregnant with her third child.  In her first pregnancy, she had developed toxemia which led to the death of her first born, a daughter. After a successful, uneventful birth … Continue reading Dana Carrozza: An Everyday Extraordinary Woman

My Daughters and Guns

In recent, separate conversations with my Gen Z daughters, I asked them this question: If you were to have but one political platform you feel very passionate about, what platform would you choose? Both answered: Gun Control. My children have been brought up in a world where school shootings have peppered the news. Added to … Continue reading My Daughters and Guns

International Women’s Day—2019

It never dawned on me that being a woman was a limitation. I grew up a Southern, Conservative, Christian, Middle Class transplant in Orange, California. My parents said I could be anything I set my mind to, enforced strict educational expectations, and told me I would work, I would go to college and I would … Continue reading International Women’s Day—2019