A New Revolution

I love New Years. It is like getting a new journal with crisp white pages, ready to be filled with stories yet created. The possibilities seem endless. After this past year, the blank pages of this new year seem a blessing. 2020 was filled with the most amazing amount of wonderful and the hardest days of our lives. It was a year of amazing growth, decisive changes, disappointments, and life changing diagnoses. The stories that were written through the year that we shared as a world, often did not make it to these pages, as many became too personal to share for large circulation. Our family met with challenges including mental illness, a total family Covid bout and then cancer. The last 90 days of the year attempted to sweep us off our feet, but we greeted 2021 still standing and full of hope.

The challenges of the year combined with the new responsibilities of a pandemic world lead to less time in this space than I anticipated or hoped for, but the newness of year has me determined to find myself in this space with consistency. It is a bit like a homecoming. I find myself in these pages and I enjoy finding you here too.

2021, will be a new revolution, a personal journey to meeting the new needs of a husband battling cancer, moving away from being a home-school family, working to overcome the effects that this year has taken on my waistline and building anew the passion project that is SMILE2.

Welcome 2021. We are so glad you are here!

One thought on “A New Revolution

  1. Sara- I pray you are finding your feet, that some calm has come your way.
    I hope you’ll keep writing.
    My goal is 1 post per month. In December, I wrote from my bookshelf, not summaries, but thoughts connected to the book. The year was not kind to us- but writing helped. Prayers for the second half of 2021!


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