Its spread has been swift and steady. While originally thought to only effect the older population, with further experience and awareness, we have learned its spread effects the full population without concern to age, gender, race or creed. It does not effect each person the same, but has variances in severity and even symptoms. Many who have contracted it remain unaware of it as they go about their daily routine. The contagion is undeniable and seems to be most effective the more severe the case.

While it appears to be linked with the global pandemic Covid-19, its spread is far more broad. In fact, those who have actually been affected with the Coronavirus, seem to have less susceptibility, even though there are cases where contracting COVID-19 has actually been a cure.

Umbrage2020, sometimes referred to as Righteous Indignation, is similar to outbreaks that have plagued humanity for millennia, however the introduction of social media and the internet has caused a speed of transmission unseen in previous eras. Mild cases may only be revealed in slightly passive aggressive memes and comments, but could progress to friends calling each other derogatory terms including but not limited to stupid, unloving, paranoid, anti-science and/or sheeple, while in more extreme cases strangers will spray mace into the eyes of peaceful park goers. On the rare occasion, people affected with Umbrage2020 will threaten others with gun violence, legal remedy or other destructive responses. There, unfortunately, are reports of fatalities as there are many reported cases of friendships dying and relationships of respect meeting an untimely end.

Studies have shown that doses of grace and compassion do make an impact on the effects of Umbrage2020. Loving your neighbor and daily doses of humility show promising signs of slowing the spread. While declaring personal freedoms doesn’t seem to effect the spread, early tests show that sacrificial love is the only anti-viral needed.

**Election year, social isolation, fear, and the news cycle all may contribute to the severity of Umbrage2020

***The author recognizes her susceptibility to Umbrage2020

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