Today as I had to work toward making appropriate adjustments in my department at work, I couldn’t help but think of all the ripples the pandemic is causing. In my job, I work with a supply chain that is being impacted by the closings and cancellations. Revenue disruption within the hospitality industry will lead to cut backs, not only in our part of the supply chain, but to our Human Resources as well.

The ripples we have our focus on now all seem like these ripples of negative impact. Kids are out of chucks cwydgfyyy his s du. This leads to a childcare crisis, to a hunger crisis as kids rely on school meals, to income loss for parents. Ripples.

The delivery truck driver for our supplier gets paid by the parcel. As I mitigate losses for my department, I order less, causing him to earn less, which then leads him to not purchase things, finally effecting the bottom line of someone else. Ripples.

As I thought of all of this, I began to realize whether we get the virus or not, we all have a case of Coronavirus. It will impact every single person somehow. We will all have to carry a little of the load, together. No one should think they will be immune. No one caused this to happen, not even Donald Trump. It just is.

In the parent pages of my child’s university, there has been a borage of demands for refunds of housing payments made to the University. It boggles my mind that there is no recognition of the absolute novelty of a college continuing to offer our children an education in the midst of a global pandemic.

Universities are still allowing housing for students who would otherwise be displaced. They are utilizing resources to develop, implement, and maintain distance learning capabilities to their students, so there will be no disruption to a students progress. This is a huge ripple.

I am a believer in redemption. My whole world-view is founded upon that beautiful concept. At the end of this trying time, our world will be completely changed. In no way would I ever deny the devastation of loss of life and medical crisis that will be the outcome. However, in this will be ripples that will lead to innovation, technological advancement, and medical understanding.

I think we can all begin to start ripple rings in our communities by supporting each other. Helping our neighbors who are elderly. By staying home and spending uninterrupted time with our families. By imposing self-rationing, we may create a ripple of freedom from consumerism in our lives. There is endless opportunity of ripple effects toward goodness. You making positive impact on another who then makes a positive impact. Ripples.

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