What to Expect When You’re Expecting Perimenopause

While in the throes of pregnancy and all the phenomenal changes my body was experiencing in the months of growing babies, I would often find myself with book in hand looking to understand what was happening to me and what would be coming next. What to Expect While You are Expecting books gave amazing insights to the growth and development of your baby, but also into the interesting changes to your body.

However, the hours of pouring over the books gave me a false sense of security of being in control of what would happen as I went into labor. In my first pregnancy, my water broke.  It must be said, I have only an elementary school understanding of the physiology of my own body, so I can not lay the entire miscalculations and misunderstandings on the marvelous Murkoff and Mazel writing team. However, nowhere in that book, and mind you, I had it memorized, did they explain that once your water broke, you would leak for the remainder of the birthing process. In my estimation, this is information worth making it into the final edit of the book. I most definitely did not expect the constant feeling of wetting myself in the 27 hours of labor that would ensue.  In my lower moments of laboring, when I was making a list of the people I would wreak revenge upon once the whole thing was over, I put Murkoff and Mazel on the list for the betrayal of expectations.

Long past my birthing years, I find myself in a new phase of phenomenal changes. Again, I lack any substantive knowledge of the actual science of my body’s functions. But with a quick google search, I have easily diagnosed myself as being in the beginnings of perimenopause.  Since I am in the process of aging and perimenopausing, I can not offer a book on the topic. As fortune would have it, I am blogging, so as I find myself whattoexpectexperiencing these changes, I will be able to share, in real time, what should be expected. The good, the bad, the humorous and the not so funny, even the slow drip of water running down your leg.

This series will be tagged with the #whattoexpectwhileyoureexpectingperimenopause hashtag. I hope you will follow along, share your own experiences with me, and share with your friends. Be sure you push the follow button below and share to your favorite social pages using the buttons below.

Coming soon on  #whattoexpectwhileyoureexpectingperimenopause,  how my eyebrows are now useless.


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