The Beginning

Once upon a time there was a girl, simple of face, complex in emotion, and rich in opinions, who fell in love with the written word. As letters strung together to create stories and ideas, the girl began to collect the words. She treasured them. She experimented with ways to use them. She often kept her collection just for herself. One day, in an act of bravery, she shared her words with others. Much to her surprise, many loved the written word as well. She found there was exponential pleasure in sharing the collection of words. As she shared, new stories would develop.  Her collection grew and grew, as did her joy.

As her shelves filled, she realized she needed a larger space to collect her words. She sought a place where she could keep them, as well as discover new ways to use them. In this space, she continues to collect her words. Thank you for joining in her collection. Please feel free to add your own.cropped-image1-1

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